KleeRun Rewards 10/01/2022 Update

With the ever increasing pressure on the Ethereum Blockchain, GAS fee’s of recent days have seen all time highs.

To ensure the most affordable process remains in check, the payment of KleeRun rewards scheduled for deployment on the 10/01/2022 will currently be rescheduled for deployment in the week of 17/01/2022.

To view your weekly earnings which are logged in the server, please feel free to click here to review your wallet address and $KLEE tokens which are in line to be deployed with the next rewards payment.

What does this actually mean?

Answer: Every player who has played KleeRun during the period of 03/01/2022 to the 09/01/2022 will be credited their rewards in the payout which is scheduled to take place on the 17/01/2022.

What is the reason for the delay?

Answer: The current GWEI (Ethereum GAS fee) is seeing all time highs due to the congestion on the blockchain. At the time of the payout request, the server is reporting that the GAS fee alone is amounting to 2.5 Eth which is far from economical.

$ETH Gas pricing courtesy of Crypto.com DeFi Dashboard captured at 1:00 AM UTC

Is there a future proofed work around for this problem?

Answer: We are glad to announce that we have been working closely with $KAIBA (An affordable Layer 1 solution) who have assisted us in creating our Play-2-Earn mechanism more affordable and sustainable long term. It is expected that we will see this mechanism deployed during the month of January to ensure $KLEE is ready to scale up further and expand it’s player base by the thousands!

We thank you for your understanding and support!




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