KleeKai Token Play-to-Earn Game Mechanism

The team behind KleeKai Token set a target goal in June 2021 to deliver their holders a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game & provided a BETA version of their game “KleeRun” in September 2021.

Flash through to December 2021 and the team is now ready to implement the mechanism that they have continuously worked on for many months. The Official Launch Date of the P2E Game is December 20th 11:59 PM UTC.

KleeKai tokens can be purchased on the Ethereum blockchain and if you want to be able to access the game, 100 Billion tokens (Equivalent to $23.00 USD at the time of writing) will allow gamers to access and play “KleeRun”.

The KleeKai smart contract allows each holder of the token to earn passive income, just by holding the token which is distributed upon every buy, swap and sell that takes place of the token. The “reflection” amount which is an active income is fixed to 2% and is dispersed across every wallet but that was not enough incentive for the development team to reach their goals and have now completed a P2E mechanism to incorporate into their game.

The P2E mechanism will allow gamers to select if they wish to receive or burn the tokens earned during gameplay. This is a unique concept to enhance the tokens value as the tokenomics do not automatically allow burning of the circulating supply of tokens.

How does the mechanism work?

The mechanism is based on two components, the smart contract and the game database — when linked together, they are considered to be the mechanism. The objective of the game database is to write the wallet address used to link to connect game and store the value of the amount of tokens collected within the game, per each game session. The database is checked weekly each Monday 0:00 GMT (Midnight) to combine the gamers wallet addresses and the tokens earned during gameplay.

Once the database has completed the task, the smart contract automatically communicates to the database and confirms the holder’s wallet address along with their current $KLEE token holdings.

After the holders wallets are verified with the smart contract, the KleeKai rewards token deployer is contacted through the smart contract to begin the deployment. The Ethereum wallet has a stored supply of the KleeKai tokens, which is used to deploy the tokens per week. The wallet address and smart contract can be located on etherscan links provided below:

KleeKai rewards deployer address — Click here

KleeKai smart contract address — Click here

How to Earn KleeKai Tokens?

Earning KleeKai tokens is calculated based on a 4 Tier split. To play, a holding wallet must have 100 Billion Tokens to be able to play KleeRun. Token breakdowns are provided below in the table.

Common examples are below:

Holding 500 Billion KleeKai tokens will allow gamers to earn a daily limit of up to 8,333,333,333 tokens per day (estimated value $1.92 USD)

Holding 1 Trillion KleeKai tokens will allow gamers to earn a daily limit of up to 16,666,666,667 tokens per day & Includes a bonus 10% of daily earnings (estimated value $3.83 USD)

Holding 2 Trillion KleeKai tokens will allow gamers to earn a daily limit of up to 33,333,333,333 tokens per day & Includes a bonus 10% of daily earnings (estimated value $8.43 USD)

Estimated earnings for a gamer if playing KleeRun daily and reaching the set amount of tokens per day.

Note: At the time of the KleeRun payout’s the wallet being credited must hold a minimum of $23.00 USD which is reflective of the market cap at the time of the payments being distributed.

*A minimum of $23.00 USD worth of $KLEE tokens (at the payment date of the market cap) needs to be held in a DeFi wallet in order to receive rewards. **Players only receive rewards for the first 24 games they play on each day (UTC Timezone).

How to Play KleeRun?

In order to play KleeRun, purchase KleeKai tokens on the decentralized Uniswap link below, minimum value to begin playing is 100 Billion tokens (Currently valued at $23.00 USD). After purchasing KleeKai tokens head over to kleerun.game on a PC or an Android device directly via our website. Once you have linked the KleeRun application to your MetaMask wallet you can begin playing and start earning KleeKai tokens today!

Contract address: 0x382f0160c24f5c515a19f155bac14d479433a407

Note: Android APK will be uploaded to the Google Play Store in Quarter 1 of 2022 along with the Apple IOS version which will also be uploaded to the Apple Appstore in Quarter 1 of 2022.

Why own KleeKai Tokens?

KleeKai is The future of gaming and E-sports. KleeRun is a great utilty for any project to have, a Play-2-Earn game is an incredible achievement to any project & KleeKai has successfully completed their initial vision of enabling the world to be able to earn money, simply & have fun while doing it!

While playing KleeRun and earning tokens, each holder of the KleeKai token earns an automatic 2% reflection, which is passive income that each holder earns just by holding the KleeKai token. This means the original amount invested will continue to grow as the token expands globally & the market cap develops.

Where to chat with the team?

The core team behind KleeKai can be contacted by clicking here

Where to engage with the KleeKai Community?

The KleeKai community can be found on the below platforms:

Telegram Click here
Discord Click here

Other places to Buy $KLEE tokens

Centralized exchanges:

Whitebit Click here to purchase on Whitebit
Hotbit Click here to purchase on Hotbit
XT Click here to purchase on XT.com
Cointiger Click here to purchase on Cointiger
Bilaxy Click here to purchase on Bilaxy
BiboxClick here to purchase on Bibox

Decentralized exchanges (Earn 2% Reflections using these exchanges):

Uniswap Click here to purchase on Uniswap
Fegex Click here to purchase on FegEx
1inch Click here to purchase on 1inch