KleeKai AMA — February 11th 20:00 UTC

Welcome one again to yet another weekly AMA and update for the KleeKai project! Thank you all for being here today and let’s begin! If you would like to listen to this AMA, please find the Twitter Spaces recording by clicking here.

To begin, Mr. Diamondhandz stepping down as a Marketing Lead to focus more on his family. He is still a supporter and a holder of KLEE and we thank him for his time with us.

Marcus has initiated the scope for the animation that will be displayed on a billboards in the Philippines, every detail down to the colours used is very critical for this country and audience.

This week we encountered a delay in the payment redeeming module, while the process is automated now there are further communication protocols set in place for the upload of this week’s rewards (which will be paid out on Monday), if any delays are present we will inform the community.

We have been granting some of the community the opportunity to perform live in game testing for the new KleeRun Application and I’m very proud to announce the app is now awaiting clearance to be uploaded to the Google Play Store as an updated version. Our website users will also receive the updated version today! A medium article will be published to announce the new version with a changelog of this new update as many changes have been made — I encourage you all to check it out as soon as it’s available!

Does this mean the KleeRun game is finished, are any more updates coming? Of course! Paul, Issam and I have been brainstorming many ideas and will provide a scope of works to the game development team for the next game update.

We also would love the Community to get us some ideas and a google form will be made for you all to share future in game ideas that you would love to see implemented! 500b $KLEE token giveaway prizes will go to the top 3 ideas!

The game development studio is now continuing the development with Adir on KleePal which is the application that allows tracking of your runs & earnings.

Some questions received prior to this AMA, one specifically was asked a few times — How will the tournament operate?

A portal will open for user registrations to take place, wallet addresses and username will be required. Once submitted we will be whitelisting the wallet addresses to allow them to see the “Tournament Entry” button which will include a higher level of exciting game play that will increase adrenalin as the KleeDog paces down new levels, dodging obstacles that are mixed between still and moving along with wondering if they should obtain a power up or avoid it, this is a really exciting opportunity remember — No time limits! Everyone can literally RUN FOR THEIR LIVES!

The Credit card system is being coded, once this system is implemented we will see users being able to buy KleeKai tokens directly from the supply on uniswap avoiding unsightly GAS fee’s! The tokens purchased with credit card will be credited directly to the users wallet through MetaMask — This will be a fast, simple and affordable way to buy $KLEE!

Our good friends over at Kaiba Defi have now released another outstanding product to their ecosystem which is KaibEx, a decentralized exchange which can now list native Ethereum tokens to their blockchain. I have initiated discussion to review if we can add liquidity to a KLEE pair to also allow users to pay a reduced GAS fee when entering into the Ethereum blockchain.

Weekly marketing update from the Philippines:

The Billboard spot has now been reserved for (C5 this position receives over 200k Daily Traffic).

Social marketing has also kicked off on Instagram, Youtube & TikTok with the previous weeks Facebook marketing campaign being reviewed and amended to ensure deeper engagement levels are achieved.

There is now New Instagram Filters for the Community to engage with which will be uploaded to the main Instagram account for the Phillipines KleeKai & main KleeKai account.

There has been a 75% ncrease in enquiries on how to join the KleeKai Ph community from our Facebook page direct messaging service.

Overall, the website has an increase of 11.5% visits this week and we are yet to begin google anayltics to direct the flow of traffic to this page.

To begin raising the daily traded volume and tokens liquidity, the team will be reviewing exchanges to list on and we can expect to have an announcement in the coming weeks including dates and the exchange which has been selected.

The team is also reviewing a specific way to achieve a burning mechanism with the Ethereum $KLEE contract! This method will be discussed in more detail in the future once the technical aspects have been completed — YES this method will consist of a true “buy back” and “burn” of the supply which is held within Uniswap!

Thank you all for attending today, we appreciate every one of you and look forward to our bright future!



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